Are you looking for a secure metal building with a steel frame? Do you need something you can quickly place on your property without major contracting work?  Fill out our quote form by clicking the button above or check out predesigned buildings we created for your convenience.

Are you Looking Online For a Metal and Steel Building?

What’s the best type of building to get protect yourself from bad weather conditions?  Is wood or steel a better option to protect your building from fire and extreme heat?  Steel and metal shelters, homes, and bunker type buildings are superior to wood traditional structures when comparing the durability and strength each offer.

Steel wall panels, ceilings, and steel roof panels protect against wind, rain, fire, and snow. Metal carports protect against falling storm debris and hail. Ask about our snow load options to ensure you get the correct building. To keep your valuable possessions secure and in the best condition, you need to cover it with the strongest steel material available. 

Customizable color options help your building blend into the background to keep a low-profile.  Insulate the insides to control the climate.  Where are you installing your metal shelter? Metal structures are best built on a concrete slab but can be installed on gravel or dirt.  Add on building components such as trusses and mobile home anchors.        

Does roof style matter? The roof style matters when you live in snowy or regions with heavy rainfall.  We recommend you go with the vertical style roof as it offers the best protection from stormy conditions.

How much does a steel shelter cost? Shelters can range from $5,000 to $250,000.  It depends on your building requirements and how much space you need. Do you need garage doors?. Walk-in doors? How many windows will you need?  Do you need extra storage space?  Will a lean-to make your building perfect? 


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Featured Steel/Metal Shelters

Are you looking for a metal/steel building for your next project in California and Oregon?  Do you need to cover your RV, car, truck, or other recreational vehicles?  Choose from one of our custom original designs or customize the building to fit your specifications.  The choice is yours!  We also have 13 colors to choose from to make your building truly yours.  

Engineer Certified

20-Year Warranty

Delivery & Installation

boxed eave style

Boxed-Eave Style

Traditional A-Frame Look
classical style

Classical Style

vertical style

Vertical Style


Choose from 13 different colors

Choose from white and these other complimentary colors to customize your building to fit your style.  If you like one of our custom-built carport models but want to choose different color options, pick from our variety of metal building colors before you make your final decision. Match the color of your home’s walls and roofs. As the customer, you pick the details!

Barn Red




Earth Brown


Pebble Beige

Pewter Gray

Quaker Grey



Slate Blue



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