standard barn

What is the dimensions of the concrete if I need to pour it myself?

a.)The Perimeter of the slab has to be minimum a “footing” or wider depending on the size of the building (12” wide x 12” thick) and in the center of the slab the minimum required is 4” inches. The Slab size is required to be 6” wider and 6” longer than the size of your unit. For example, if your unit is a 12′ wide x 20′ long then your slab has to be 12’6” wide x 20’6” long. Those 6” are required to prevent the slab from chipping/cracking when anchoring the unit and to provide flashing (Provided on our Accessories). b.) The slab can be the EXACT size of the building, outside to outside. The perimeter still must be minimum a footing 12″inches wide x 12″inches thick or more according to building size. IF you decide to do the exact slab size as the unit, there is an
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