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RV Carports That Cover More Than Your RV – Quick Start Guide


RVs are the new wonder vehicles of the 21st century. They are fast, fun, stylish, comfortable and come in an array of different models. The recreational vehicle can be a fantastic way to travel around with your family, friends and pets. If you do a lot of traveling then you probably already use your RV.

However, an RV is different from say a regular car. If you are traveling with your family, then keeping them safe becomes very important. The last thing you want is an accident to happen. Something that the RV community is really concerned about is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Sometimes on an RV the exhaust pipe can make its way underneath the RV and vent into the storage building nearby. This is very dangerous.

If you have an RV, using a metal carport to cover your RV could be a great way to avoid the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.


In terms of cost, a bolt-on metal carport is made from high quality, durable American steel. This means that it is long lasting. As metal is a naturally durable material, you can be certain your carport will be around for many years to come.


Coming in a whole range of different colors, a bolt-on metal carport can really compliment the look of your commercial or residential property. You can choose from a range of different styles that will help enhance and maintain your exterior area.


A metal carport not only protects your RV from the elements, it also provides shelter from the elements. This will keep your RV safe from extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat and harsh sun.

Protect from theft

Unless you keep 24-hour security on your RV, it is likely to get stolen. Most RVs are not extremely expensive so for most people it would be a big blow to their wallet. A metal carport can help protect your RV from theft.

Greater security

A metal carport offers greater security than using just a tarp or cloth to protect your RV. A metal carport can be locked and has a solid structure of metal to work with. It has been proven by security companies that a bolt-on metal carport offers greater security than a garage. I have never heard of a thief trying to break into a metal carport.

Prevent damage

Through frequent usage and regular wear and tear, damage can happen to your RV. A bolt-on carport can greatly reduce the exposure of your RV to all the possible natural elements and dangers.

Help with insurance

Having an insurance on your RV will help you recover any expenses you may incur if your vehicle is damaged.

Does my RV need a carport?

If you need a metal structure as an RV cover, RV carports provide peace of mind from harsh weather conditions. Since they come in a large variety of sizes and leg height, you can build a custom carport that can fight back against any weather condition. RV carports are a great semi-permanent solution and perfect shelter that is secured to the foundation with ground anchors, asphalt anchors, concrete anchors, and mobile-home anchors for dirt.

Vertical-style roofs have a 30 pound snow load. Our manufacturers can add extra bracing for snow loads up to 75 lbs. The carport roof and the required height clearance needed is dependent on building permit requirements, building codes, and your overall design and pitch of the roof. All roofs ship with a 3/12 pitch.

How much is an RV carport?

RC carport prices vary from an average of $4,500 to $20,000 for a full-enclosed large RV carport. The price is dependent on a few things:

  • Is it a classical style roof, boxed eave style roof, or vertical roof?
  • Is the leg height over 12′? 13′ and taller additional height will incur labor and equipment charges
  • Will the carport be installed on a concrete slab, an existing concrete foundation, dirt, rocks, or asphalt?
  • Will it be wide-open, partially enclosed, or fully-enclosed?
  • Will it need walk-in doors, RUD roll-up doors, or overhead doors?
  • Will it need windows or skylights?
  • Do you need storage space?
  • Do you live in heavy snow areas and need additional strength?
  • Do you live in a region with high mph winds?

What can I use an RV carport for?

  • picnic shelters
  • storage shelters
  • horse Barns
  • industrial carports
  • a-frame roof RV
  • storage solutions
  • metal barns
  • utility carports

Depending in your type of structure, our sales team at Norcal Carports can guide you along in choosing the best steel building.

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