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What Can I Use A Metal Building Or Garage For?

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When you are looking online for some type of custom metal building or structure, you probably have an idea of the details you are going to use it for.  You might have a few different sizes in mind such as the number of doors, windows, etc.  We like to create mockups and garage designs that can provide ideas and inspiration to customers who want to add an additional building to their property or business without the need for traditional wood buildings or houses.  Not just for the traditional carport, steel structures can be used for a variety of applications and conditions.  Delivery and installation at no extra additional cost.

Check out these 3 metal building options and their features:  


With the large garage doors open, you can have an open-air feel and space to move around for social distancing guidelines.  The windows offer plenty of light and walk-in doors provide accessibility for a small office corner or room.  Insulate the walls for your weather conditions.  

  • Plenty of space for storing heavy lifting equipment
  • Practice safe social distancing guidelines.  
  • Windows and doors for accessibility and natural light
  • A-frame roof style
  • Vehicle storage
  • Enclosed garage with steel frame
  • Easy access
  • Request larger dimensions to suit your business size 
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Triple-Wide Garage For Gym Owners 26’W x 40’L x 9’H Pricing Starts at $15,585.50

Art Studio

Creating a quiet environment to be creative is a struggle in the modern world as more people are staying home.  If you need a place to release your inner artist and have peace of mind, a small metal building might be the answer for you.  This version includes a lean to for added shade and patio space. 

  • Easier cleanup and upkeep
  • Privacy
  • Quiet space
  • Large door for installing equipment
  • Customize the interior to your own aesthetics
  • Reduce the clutter in your home
metal garage 2 roll up doors windows back side
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Standard Metal Art Shop with Lean to 20’W x 21’L x 10’H Pricing Starts at $9,567.50


If you need an enclosed mechanic space to work on your cars while keeping your vehicles secure, this medium-sized metal garage would work best for you.  A strong metal structure is a smart option for auto professionals with plans for a prefabricated building.  

  • Large garage doors
  • Office side entry
  • Windows for natural lighting
  • Adjust the leg height specifications for additional space
  • Store tools and supplies
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV’s, watercraft, farm equipment, and more!
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- Norcal Carports Metal Buildings
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Triple Wide Auto-Body Garage Work Shop 26’W x 50’L x 12’H Pricing starts at $21,130

When you purchase prefab metal buildings from us, there a few things and benefits to note. 

  • Depending on your local building code, you may need a permit from your local city, state, or county.
  • Your installation surface needs to be level
  • Installation time can be up to 12 weeks depending on the circumstances, conditions, and challenges of the delivery location
  • Choose from a vertical, standard/regular style, or boxed eave roof style.  
  • Insulated prefabricated steel buildings are energy efficient and can lower costs
  • Can be used for commercial buildings
  • Vertical roofs are the most year-round secure and strong roofing type available against snow and heavy winds
  • Secure your belongings and outdoor equipment with additional storage space
  • Cheaper construction cost than traditional homes 

Do you have questions about choosing your next steel building?  We would love to speak with you about your next project.  Contact us here.  

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Showed up on-time and installed our carport within a few hours. I would recommend Norcal Carports to anyone for their no-fuss customer service and quick install times.
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Mike was very professional and quick to the point. They installed a workshop for us and the quality of the buildings is even better when you see it in-person.