Mike Ruiz

Mike Ruiz

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Sacramento Carport Dealer Online Free Estimates Website Launched


Norcal Carports has announced the launch of a new service areas in Sacramento and the surrounding cities.

Carports are manufactured from galvanized steel and are meant to cover small to large vehicles. Carports can be converted into enclosures with sides and walls. Norcal Carports offers free estimates on their business website when you fill out their online form.

To learn about receiving a free carport estimate online at https://norcalcarports.com/.

Steel carports are built from a standard steel frame with poles and a roof. The frame is 12 gauge or 14 gauge American steel. The roof is offered in 3 different styles: classical, boxed-eave a-frame, and vertical a-frame. The vertical a-frame is the strongest building with extra hat channels for additional support.

The benefits of a vertical a-frame roof is the displacement of snow and water to the sides of the structure. This engineering design creates an obstruction free entry into your carport. Boxed-eave style roof are similar in appearance but the panels run front to back. Classical style roofs has a shed-like appearance with rounded edges.

Sacramento has wind, rain, and UV rays from the many bright sunny days each year in the region. Weather elements can cause long-term damage to your vehicles. Tree branches can cause dents and harm a person entering a car. Steel covers offer an advanced level of protection against DIY installation carports.

Owner Michael states, “Sacramento has so many tress that it is inevitable a branch or debris will fall on your car. We suggest at the very least getting  basic model carport that can protect your vehicles from this potential accident. These carports look gorgeous on your driveway and will be there for many years to come.”

Norcal Carports offers free estimates to residents of Sacramento and the rest of California. Please visit the website above to get a free estimate and mock-up.

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Joseph R.
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Showed up on-time and installed our carport within a few hours. I would recommend Norcal Carports to anyone for their no-fuss customer service and quick install times.
Alina A.
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Mike was very professional and quick to the point. They installed a workshop for us and the quality of the buildings is even better when you see it in-person.