Steel 2-Car Standard Carport 22’W x 25’L x 9’H

If you need a simple yet strong metal carport, this is your best option.  Protect your vehicles while keeping them open-air and easily accessible.
Steel 2-Car Standard Carport With Vertical Roof outside

Norcal Carports is an online dealer for the major manufacturers in the US. We work with our customers to create their design and find the best possible price with the fastest lead/build times.

*Every building requires a deposit to start manufacturing. delivery, and installation process.

Roof And Panels Paint Colors

Choose from 13 different colors and customize the roof color, side panels, roof trim, and body trim. Classic barn red with a white trim is a favorite amongst our customers. The poles are not painted.
color chart norcal carports

*The poles are not painted and left in their original galvalume-steel state.