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Norcal Carports is a family-owned business that is a dealer for metal carports and garages in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. All prices included local taxes, delivery, and installation.

Email sales@norcalcarports.com or call 916-385-2138.

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Our affordable prices include delivery and installation. We offer free online estimates and mockups and get you the same pricing you get directly from the manufacturer.

When you need to protect your car, RV, pickup truck. or need a separate storage unit from your main home, a metal carport is the best option. Steel is a durable metal and cost-effective. Clients choose metal buildings as a covered storage solution for pieces of heavy equipment.

Carports offer the best protection from harsh weather elements and conditions. A-frame-style roofs protect against the snow in higher altitude regions. Boxed-eave-style roofs give a look similar to traditional houses. 12′ gauge steel poles are stronger than 14′ gauge poles. Roll-up garage doors allow for large vehicles to enter. Walk-in doors give customers another entry option. A Lean-to adds shade, parking, or storage. When you speak to our building specialists, they will configure the best custom metal building offers for you.

Prefab metal buildings can be used for metal RV carports/covers, storage buildings, boat carports, farm equipment, horse barns, livestock, warehouses, carport with storage, and more. These buildings are versatile structures with many functionalities, durability, and endless possibilities. That’s what makes them the perfect metal building.

Buying a steel carport or steel building comes with questions about features, the building price, panels, roof style, delivery fees, installation fees, and other requirements. It can be a safe storage solution, a horse barn, store tools, and valuables, or make it an art studio. The choice is yours!

You will need to check your local building codes for permits for every metal structure.

You can find our frequently asked question page here.

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