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Online Metal Building Dealer For The Major USA Manufacturers.  What separates us is our continued involvement to ensure your building installation goes as smooth as possible. 

When you need to protect your car, RV, truck, or need a separate storage unit from your main home, a metal carport is the best option. Steel is a durable metal and cost-effective.  Clients choose metal buildings as a covered storage solution for pieces of heavy equipment.  

They offer the best protection from harsh weather elements and conditions.  A-frame style roofs protect against the snow in higher altitude regions.  Boxed-eave-style roofs give a look similar to traditional houses. 12′ gauge steel poles are stronger than 14′ gauge poles. Roll-up garage doors allow for large vehicles to enter. Walk-in doors give customers another entry option. Lean tos add shade, parking, or storage. When you speak to our building specialists, they will configure the best custom metal building offers for you.   

Prefab metal buildings can be used for metal RV carports/covers, storage buildings, boat carport, farm equipment, horse barns, livestock, warehouses, carport with storage, and more.  These buildings are versatile structures with many functionalities, durability, and endless possibilities. That’s what makes them the perfect metal building.

Metal carport prices and metal garage prices usually start around $5,000 for a basic model but you can search for our designs here.  Prices for metal buildings for all of our buildings range from $1,500 to $250,000.

Buying a steel carport or steel building comes with questions about features, the building price, panels, roof-style, delivery fees, installation fees, and other requirements.  It can be a safe storage solution, horse barn, store tools, and valuables, or make it an art studio.  The choice is yours!   

You will need to check your local building codes for permits for every metal structure. 

You can find our frequently asked question page here. 

Due to covid restrictions and safety guidelines, It can take up to 12 weeks for our installation team to be on-site. But the delivery and installation are free!

Contact a sales representative for further customer service. 

RV Carports & Buildings

An RV carport is a steel structure that gives you a strong protective covering for your recreational vehicles, camper, or trailers. Agriculture commercial vehicles and other large farm utilities can be stored with a completely covered wall-to-wall steel structure. 

Residential Metal Garages

Residential houses might not have enough garage space for your vehicles. If you have limited space, purchasing a garage for your lot is a great choice. Create side entry points for your vehicles to make it easier to access your cars, trucks, or ATV’s.

Workshops & Storage Sheds

Some people need a place to store stuff; others need somewhere to work on their stuff. Our metal workshops are perfect for both! They make great automotive centers, hobby shops, man caves, she sheds, and the list goes on!

Buy metal buildings for the best prices!

Carports come in 12 and 14 gauge frames.  Choose from a wide variety of utility carports or garages.  

If you need a large wide-span building for storage or a workshop, contact us to get a custom quote.

Carports can attach to the house or stand on its own.  We can install it on gravel, ground, or concrete.

Commercial Metal Garages

Need a place to store commercial or industrial equipment? We’ve got you covered. Need a larger facility for industrial or manufacturing purposes? We can do that, too!

Agricultural Buildings

Farming and agriculture are California’s heart and soul. Choose from farm and agriculture buildings to protect tractors, equipment to housing or breeding livestock, to storing grain and feed, to production.

Custom Steel Storage Buildings

Really customize your metal barns and buildings with your choice of color, length, width, roof-style, doors, windows, and more. Contact us to find out which building components that will help you get the protection and access you deserve.

What can you use a metal building for Customer’s have built workshops, man-caves, storage units, garages, sheds, barns, agriculture depots, steel barns, and more!  Add a garage door to fit larger equipment with our customization options. 


A commercially built metal building is an enclosed metal structure used for projects or work environments that need open space. Industrial steel buildings can be used for residential, business, agricultural, manufacturing, workshop, and warehouse projects, utility carports, and more. Metal structures are the favorites of homeowners who need a structure that’s affordable but high-quality building.  

Boxed-eave style is a building that has square corners with a six-inch overhang around the whole building. The sheet metal/panels on the roof, sides, and ends all run horizontally.  Also comes with its own boxed-eave trim for a really sharp, finished look. 

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