Metal Garages For Cars, Boats, And Trucks.

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*2-3 Week Lead/Build Times For Most Carports.

This metal garage is the ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their cars from the elements. Constructed from durable and heavy-duty galvanized steel, this metal garage is designed to last through all types of weather. With its low-maintenance construction, you can rest assured that your car will be safe and secure. This metal garage is the perfect way to protect your cars from the elements and ensure that they are always in great condition.

*Prices On This Website Are Estimates And Subject To Change & May Not Factor in Local Taxes, Permit Costs, or Foundation Costs. Please fill out our form for an accurate and final total of your order.

Direct From Manufacturer Pricing. We price-match exact builds from our competitors!

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What Can You Use A Garage For?​

While you can park your car or other recreational vehicles in your garage, some customers use it for workshops, art studios, mancaves, greenhouses, and more! Add multiple roll-up garage doors and walk-in doors for accessibility. Customers can add 30′ windows for natural lighting. You can completely make it your own when you provide your exact specifications. Steel buildings are perfect for customization and the perfect solution for building projects.

Are You Shopping For A Metal Garage?​

Are you looking to purchase prefab metal buildings or metal and steel two-car garages but need an idea? Check out these options and see if they can help you decide on the best design, color scheme options, and size for you. Get free shipping and installation on every purchase. Delivery times and lead times are on average 3 weeks. Our certified carports are manufactured in the USA and delivered free of charge. The top-selling carports include storage space and doors for extra accessibility and commercial metal buildings.

Can You Customize A Garage?​

You can change the roof, wall, building color, and trim color. The building dimensions can be altered and changed to fit your installation area the best. You can add insulation during the installation and optimize the climate control. Check with the building code requirements before making a big decision. The options are endless.

What type of foundation is needed for a metal carport?

Concrete foundations are the best options you can choose from 3 types: exact concrete base, concrete pillars, and concrete strips.  Instructions can be provided upon request. Metal carports and buildings can be installed on dirt and gravel, as well as asphalt. Concrete anchors are included but for dirt, gravel, and asphalt installations, anchors will need to be purchased.

Can Metal Garages Handle Extreme Weather?​

The steel is meant to withstand the damage heavy rain and snow can bring under regular weather conditions. Choose a vertical roof style if your snow load is over 20 lbs. We offer metal 12-gauge tubing and 14-gauge tubing. Ask about our professionally certified building specifications when you get your quote. Purchase stamped engineered plans and calculations for permit submissions.