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Elk Grove CA Metal Carports & Buildings For Sale​

Customers from Elk Grove, CA get free delivery and installation for every metal building they purchase.  Customize your colors and dimensions to fully modify your steel structure.


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Are you looking to purchase a steel carport or building in elk grove, CA?

With Elk Grove, CA having a large agriculture community and the need for barn-style infrastructure, Norcal Carports has created the solution with custom metal buildings designed to your specific requirements. Protect your livestock, heavy equipment, RV’s, tractors, campers, trucks, boats, and more.

Steel buildings have an advantage over traditional wooden homes due to their durability and ability to withstand seismic shocks from earthquakes, snow, rain, fire, and wind. A-frame roof styles offer an extra layer of protection.

Customize the entire building by adding doors, windows, color options(trim, roof, walls), dimensions, and more. Metal carports come in many different sizes and materials but steel/metal is the strongest. 

 It lasts for decades and is cost-efficient. The steel building price is near the price of a regular home or building.  You may need a permit and we recommend contacting your local building code enforcer. 

We deliver free of charge and install the steel structure on your property. We require you to have your ground level and the foundation be concrete, gravel, or dirt. It can take up to 12 weeks before the contractors can install the building on-site.    

If you need to know about metal building prices, please fill out our form and we will provide you with a quote.

Featured Metal Structures

Are you looking for a metal/steel building for your next project in Elk Grove, CA?  Do you need to cover your RV, car, truck, or other recreational vehicles?  Choose from one of our custom original designs or customize the building to fit your specifications.  The choice is yours!  We also have 13 colors to choose from to make your building truly yours.