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Redding CA Metal Carports and Buildings For Sale​

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Customers from Redding, CA get free delivery and installation for every metal building they purchase.  Customize your colors and dimensions to fully modify your steel structure.

Are you in or near Redding, CA and need information about metal carports?

Redding, CA is a great place to live in Northern California. It has terrific scenery and trees on the horizon. That is why having a metal carport to protect your cars, trucks, RV’s, and boats are important. Falling tree branches and debris damage vehicles every day, unnecessarily driving up maintenance and repair costs.

Using cheap metal carports instead of American steel is a bad idea. Quality steel buildings are durable and can withstand fire and extreme weather elements better than traditional wooden structures. Even better is you can create a custom metal building to fit your property lines and building code enforcement from your county, city, or state.

Do you need a 20’x20′ building? We can alter your dimensions, color options, lean-to’s, walk-in doors, roll-up garage doors, and windows. These options can truly make the building yours.

Every metal carport price can differ depending on the features and add-ons you require. The average price of a basic carport starts at $1,200 and can go up to $250,000 for larger more advanced carports and buildings.

If you live in a heavy snow region, you will need our vertical roof style and 12′ gauge steel frame. This ensures the snow does not accumulate on the roof and cause damage.

For travelers and RV lovers, consider an RV carport or metal RV cover to protect your valuable recreational vehicle. Enclose the sides or leave them open for easier access. With a steel structure guarding your RV, you will rest easier knowing it’s protected from debris.

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a frame horizontal carports

Are you looking for a metal/steel building for your next project in Redding CA?  Do you need to cover your RV, car, truck, or other recreational vehicles?  Choose from one of our custom original designs or customize the building to fit your specifications.  The choice is yours!  We also have 13 colors to choose from to make your building truly yours.