Metal Buildings For solar Panel Installation

For solar installers looking for a strong and durable metal structure, Norcal Carports is the installer of choice.

Metal Buildings For Solar Installers

You don’t have to place solar panels on your home. Norcal Carports offers metal buildings for sale that are designed and built specifically for solar installers who need a strong and durable metal structure to place and install solar panels on.

solar panels

Save money and the environment

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your electric bill and help the environment. But many people don’t have a place to install them. Norcal Carports is here for you with metal buildings for sale.

Find the Best Building Position

The first step to designing your metal building is to determine where you want it placed.

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rv couple

Use the space inside your metal building for parking your RV or for storage

Use the inside of the structure for parking your RV or for storage.

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