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Metal barns come in many different options for farmers and those with agricultural needs. Metal horse barns are strong enough to withstand the day to day wear and tear from the elements.  Previous customers used their barns for livestock, horses, animal feed, heavy machinery, tractors, and other farm equipment. You can use one side for a garage by installing a 9’x7′ roll-up door. Customize the colors by adding a wainscot around the sides.  Style the trim, walls, and roof to create a metal building that fits your lifestyle. Add additional storage space for tools, boats, hay, and off-road vehicles.

Barns can be used for many different applications because they are durable and withstand windy, rainy, snowy, hail, and extremely harsh weather conditions. Steel panels give customers better protection against heavy snow than traditional wood structures.  

When choosing prefab metal barn buildings, deciding on the right dimensions the first time is crucial to calculating the lifespan of how long you will be using the building and for what purposes.  If you have concerns bout the size and use of your building, contact our customer support so you can make these changes during the design phase.  All aspects of your steel barn’s size and dimensions can be customized.

Check out our predesigned barn mockups to get inspiration and ideas you can use for your own.  Or you can fill out our quote request form and our sales team will go over the available customization options. 

Custom barns for sale.  Choose your color, dimensions, walls, windows, and more! Great for agriculture or farming utilities. The choice is yours!

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Standard Metal Barn
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Raised Center Metal Barn
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Featured Metal Barns

Are you looking for a metal/steel building for your next project in California and Oregon?  Do you need to cover your RV, car, truck, or other recreational vehicles?  Choose from one of our custom original designs or customize the building to fit your specifications.  The choice is yours!  We also have 13 colors to choose from to make your building truly yours.  

Choose from 13 different colors

Choose from white and these other complimentary colors to customize your building to fit your style.  If you like one of our custom-built carport models but want to choose different color options, pick from our variety of metal building colors before you make your final decision. Match the color of your home’s walls and roofs. As the customer, you pick the details!

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Pebble Beige

Earth Brown

Pewter Gray

Quaker Grey



Slate Blue

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