31′ Feet And Wider Buildings Are Considered a Wide-Span or Warehouse.
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Wide-Span Steel Buildings​

*Prices On This Website Are Estimates And Subject To Change & May Not Factor in Local Taxes, Permit Costs, or Foundation Costs. Please fill out our form for an accurate and final total of your order.

The wide span steel building is for people looking for a large square ft. solution to their utility needs. This style of building is great for storing tools, machinery, agriculture equipment, animal feed, or basically anything you can think of!


Built to last.

Sturdy and able to hold up to whatever weather elements in your region. Whether you need it to store things or simply park your vehicles, the wide span steel building is the perfect choice for your needs.

Great investment.

Steel Buildings offer an affordable and stable cover with enough floor space to provide ample room for your farm, yard, or business. They are an investment for the future and you even use it as a barn for your farm. Add your own electrical systems if you have retail applications.


When You Need To Cover A Large Amount Of Space

If you need a wide span steel building that has a total of 19,000 square feet and is made of high-quality galvanized steel. This unique and unique steel building is perfect for storage or work. This durable structure is also resistant to rust and decay because of the durable cold-rolled steel construction. This building is designed to stand strong for years to come.

Wide-span, or warehouse, style buildings create unobstructed and column-free spaces for large audiences. The additional space allows for large and heavy agricultural equipment to park and move around. The structural systems used to ensure stability is engineer certified to ensure the optimal design solution.