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Direct From Manufacturer Pricing. We price-match exact builds from our competitors!

*2-3 Week Lead/Build Times For Most Carports. Engineer-certified plans available.

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Joseph R.
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Showed up on-time and installed our carport within a few hours. I would recommend Norcal Carports to anyone for their no-fuss customer service and quick install times.
Alina A.
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Mike was very professional and quick to the point. They installed a workshop for us and the quality of the buildings is even better when you see it in-person.

Where will the structure be installed?

Roads need to be accessible.


What does an engineer-certified carport or building mean?

Purchasing a steel carport may mean you need to obtain a permit from your local county or city.  For Advanced Plans and Calculations, our manufacturers engineers will contact your local county to ensure your building is up to code and can withstand the elements such as wind and snow. The Advanced Plans will include all of the necessary information for you need to submit with your permit application. The plans are an additional cost, non-taxable, and payment is required at the same time as your down payment.P


Every carport or steel building starts with the base-frame. Depending on you locale, you may opt for the stronger gauge steel frame. The 12-gauge steel frame is our recommended choice for all carports or buildings, no matter the size.
12 guage steel tubing for carports - Norcal Carports Metal Buildings
12 gauge (2 1/4” x 2 1/4”) 2.657 MM

12 gauge steel tubing is the recommended gauge for regions with heavy winds, snow, and rain.  20 Year 100 MPH Wind Rate Warranty.

14 Gauge (2 1/2” x 2 1/2”) 1.8 MM

The 14 gauge steel framing is more economical and comes with a 1-year Workmanship Warranty.

Style Of Roof

Standard roofs are included in the base cost.

Classical Roof Style

The Classical style steel carport comes with rolled corners and is designed to be strong, durable, and cost-effective. If you are looking for a basic car or RV cover and don’t have snow in your region, this option is perfect.


Boxed-Eave Roof Style

Boxed eave roof carports give you the A-Frame look but the panels run horizontal, or front to back. If you have heavy rain or snow, we recommend the vertical A-Frame roof style.


Vertical Style Roof Style

The vertical style roof is designed to displace water, snow, and debris. The ridge cap will help prevent leaks and is recommended for workshops and garages.

Sides & Ends

Panels are 29-gauge. 26-gauge panels are available for an additional 14% of the base cost.

vertical panels - Norcal Carports Metal Buildings

Vertical Panels

Vertical panels run from top to bottom and have a professional look that many of our customers love.


Horizontal Panels

Horizontal panels run side to side and the budget friendly option.

Roll Up Doors And Commercial Doors With Chain Hoist

Requires Header Sealings. Placed inside the garage, at the top of the roll- up door. (Prevents light or precipitation from coming through.)

roll up garage doors

Roll-Up Doors

Chain hoist included.
roll up garage doors

Commercial Door

Chain hoist included.

Walk-in Doors

Heavy-Duty Doors Extra

walk in door - Norcal Carports Metal Buildings

Standard 36 x 80 Walk-in Door

diamond door - Norcal Carports Metal Buildings

36 x 80 Diamond Doors

cottage door

36 x 80 Cottage Doors

Carport Installation Foundation

*Before installing the concrete pad, please contact us so we can send you the concrete requirements for your project.


Concrete Foundation

We recommend using an exact concrete base for most steel buildings that are enclosed to prevent leaking. Concrete anchors fasten the frame to the foundation and are included in the final pricing. 


Dirt & Gravel Foundation

If you are installing a steel structure onto dirt, we recommend using mobile home anchors to fasten and secure the frame to the ground. The mobile home anchors are included in the final estimate. 


Asphalt Foundation

Steel buildings and carports can be installed on asphalt using asphalt anchors. This will ensure your building is securely fastened to the foundation. 

Carport Installation Anchors

You can install a carport on concrete (3 different options, dirt, gravel, or asphalt. Dirt installations will require mobile home anchors to qualify for the 90mph wind-rate warranty.


Metal Building Insulation Foam Available For Vertical Panel Buildings Only

One solution for Heat, Condensation & Cold. R-Value 16, .20” (5mm) closed cell polyethylene foam with reflective reinforced foil on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side. Total 5M Plus Insulation combines the benefits of insulation with vapor, air and radiant barrier protection.

insulation type r45

Roof And Panels Paint Colors

The poles are not painted and left in their original steel state.

Choose from 13 different colors and customize the roof color, side panels, roof trim, and body trim. Classic barn red with a white trim is a favorite amongst our customers. The poles are not painted.