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Learn About Our Carport Anchoring System

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Installing A Carport Onto Your Foundation

Our manufacturers use 4 types of anchors or “tie-downs” when installing your carport. Rebar anchors (pin anchors) are used for standard installation on ground, gravel, clay, or sand.

Carport anchors include asphalt anchors, concrete anchors, and mobile home anchors (MHA) as an option for ground installation. Concrete anchors are included in the pricing if your build qualifies.

Standard rebar anchors measure approximately 36″ and are hammered through the base rail and into the ground.

They are what is commonly used for ground installations, but many customers like to upgrade to mobile home anchors for the extra durability.

Unlike rebar anchors, MHA (30″) are screwed into the ground and latched to the side of the base rail with a bolt.


Mobile home anchors can also be added to your unit to give you an extra wind warranty.

The suggested amount of mobile home anchors would have to be purchased to ensure the wind warranty. The wind warranty is optional.

Preparing Your Installation Site For A Carport Or Garage

Preparing a level surface is the key to having a secure anchoring system for your carport.

We suggest that the slope difference be no greater than 3 inches.

Our installers can refuse to install on unlevel/uneven ground.

To ensure everyone’s safety and per company policy, our installers will not install a carport or metal building unless they can ensure that it is properly anchored.

You can always refer to our contract or contact us at 916-385-2138 for further information on choosing the best anchors for your building and site installation.

Installing A Carport On A Concrete Slab

L-Brackets are required when the building and the concrete slab are “flush” or seamless and ensure minimal leakage from rain can enter though the bottom of the structure. It will help prevent chipping to the concrete base over time.

If you allow a lip of 3″ or more of slab around the building, L-Brackets are not necessary.

For more information on exact concrete slab requirements, please contact us.