Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Our team of experts at Steel Carports has put together a list of frequently asked questions about steel carports and buildings. Manufacturers’ encourage you to contact the dealer that provides the best information you need to purchase a steel structure.

 Choosing whether you can buy a used one or a new one from an online dealer. Know the specifications of the installation area so the buildings fit perfectly. Check with your local building code enforcer to see whether you need a special permit before you build. Purchase from a dealer that has the expertise needed to know what you will need before you hit the buy button. Consider if you will need additional add-ons like mobile home anchors or trusses to secure your building properly. Vertical style roofs offer the best protection from weather and snow.
Every carport and metal building manufacturer we work with offer strong steel poles, walls, and roofs for every building.  if you need superior strength due to heavy snow, wind, or rain, we recommend going with the 12′ gauge poles and vertical style roof.
Installing concrete is not mandatory. We can install it on the ground and asphalt as well. However; the location of installation MUST be level upon arrival otherwise our installers will not install your unit. The manufacturer is not responsible for “day loss work”.  In addition, a $350.00 restocking fee will be added to your bill for a return trip. We do not do any concrete foundation work.
You do not need mobile home anchors but it does void our 90-100 MPH Wind Rate Warranty with the 12′ Gauge pole. 14′ Gauge Steel poles do not have a warranty. We always suggest using anchors to ensure your building is stable and secure for you and your family. Contact us for more information if you have concerns or questions.
Yes, otherwise the unit will be installed on land “AS IS”. Our installers will NOT do any groundwork to the land so any groundwork needed must be done before the date of installation. If the land isn’t leveled it will be up to you, the customer, to fill in any gaps left in the bottom of the base rail. In most cases, however; installers will not install your unit and a $350.00 restocking fee/return fee will be added to your order if we have to return once the site is level.
If you need a custom-sized garage roll-up please contact us to provide you with an accurate quote. We measure the doors by width and height.  For example, 10’W x 10’H.  
Currently, every lead is 12 weeks from the initial 10% required deposit.  1-2 weeks before the structure is ready to be delivered, we will contact you to arrange the date and time.  All buildings are C.O.D. and we accept cash, cashiers, check, and credit cards.
You can choose from 16 different colors to make endless variations of your metal buildings.  Choose from barn red, black, burgundy, clay, earth brown, evergreen, pebble beige, pewter gray, quaker grey, rawhide, sandstone, slate blue, and white.
If the unit is fully enclosed please take into consideration that our crew must be able to move around the entire structure with ladders and drill tools. A minimum of 3′-4′ is needed for the workspace. We require a minimum of 3′-4′ per side and end. If your unit is going to be installed next to an existing home, we must also have at least 2′ of clearance above the roofline. For example, if you are planning to purchase an 8′ eave unit and it is going to be installed next to an existing home/garage etc., the eave height
If the unit is fully enclosed please take in consideration that the manufacturer’s work crew must be able to move around the entire structure with ladders and drill tools. A minimum of 3′- 4′ is needed for work space. They require a minimum of 3′- 4′ around the entire structure. If your unit is going to be installed next to an existing home, we must also have at least 2′ of clearance above the roof line. Example, if you are planning to purchase an 8′ boxed-eave unit and it is going to be installed next to an existing home/garage,
A 30’W x 50’L x 9’H metal building can cost anywhere between $15,500 and $25,000 plus local tax.  A building with multiple garage doors, windows, lean-to’s, and other accessories will increase the cost.
Anything over 30′ long will not have ANY roof leak warranty in the classical and box eve styles.  We suggest ordering the vertical-style roofs to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible.
Prices and sizes of metal carports range from 12’W x 21’L x 9’H to 24’W x  79’L x 12’H.  The basic prices are range from  $2,175 to $14,180.  Depending on your requirements, you can add additional components and lean-tos.
Once you get an official quote from our sales team, and once we get the required 10% down payment, we will need your signature on the contract, the final choices such as color selection for the unit, the installation address, the best phone number(s) to contact you, and the installation dates.
A carport generally will have open sides and ends. It will be used primarily to house one or two vehicles.  It’s protected on the top from falling branches and other debris.  A garage will have enclosed walls and be more secure.  It can be insulated, have windows, walk-in doors, roll-up garage doors, and more.
a.)The Perimeter of the slab has to be minimum a “footing” or wider depending on the size of the building (12” wide x 12” thick) and in the center of the slab the minimum required is 4” inches. The Slab size is required to be 6” wider and 6” longer than the size of your unit. For example, if your unit is a 12′ wide x 20′ long then your slab has to be 12’6” wide x 20’6” long. Those 6” are required to prevent the slab from chipping/cracking when anchoring the unit and to provide flashing (Provided on
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