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Larger sizes, up to 80′ wide, or custom sizes available. Truss design may vary based on local codes. Concrete foundation required to install. Norcal Carports does not provide foundation work. Customer responsible for ensuring structure complies with all state and local codes and for securing all required permits. Return service fee of $175 if order is less than $1,000.


Free Delivery

Delivery prices included in final sale price.


Free Installation

Installation prices included in final sale price.


All Bracing Included

All buildings are engineer certified.

Can Metal Warehouses Handle Extreme Weather?​

The steel is meant to withstand the damage rain and snow can bring under extreme weather conditions.

How Much Does A Metal Warehouse Cost?​

Depending on your building requirements and sizes, the price of a steel warehouse building can range from $5,000 to $200,000. This includes free shipping and delivery. The building prices are comparable to traditional wood structures. The benefits of a metal warehouse are structural integrity, cost-efficient, have long-lasting steel material as a foundation, and metal wall panels to protect against the winds.

What Can I Use A Warehouse For?

Gym owners use metal recreational buildings for their large garage doors and open-air space that follow social distancing guidelines. Art studio residents who needed a quiet space purchased a small garage/house space for their creative work. Auto-body shop business owners have converted the warehouse into a garage for mechanics. Other prefab metal building details are altered to the customer’s exact specifications. Nutrition programs can store goods before they are shipped to local businesses.

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