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All Bracing Included

Choose Your Gauge Type

Every carport or steel building starts with the base-frame. Depending on you locale, you may opt for the stronger gauge steel frame. The 12-gauge steel frame is our recommended choice for all carports or buildings, no matter the size.
12 gauge (2 1/4” x 2 1/4”)

12 gauge steel tubing is the recommended gauge for regions with heavy winds, snow, and rain.  20 Year 100 MPH Wind Rate Warranty.

14 Gauge (2 1/2” x 2 1/2”)

The 14 gauge steel framing is more economical and comes with a 1-year Workmanship Warranty.

Choose Your Roof Type


Standard roof do not come at an additional cost. The A-Frame style roof comes in two types: boxed-eave and vertical.


Classical Roof Style

The Classical style steel carport comes with rolled corners and is designed to be strong, durable, and cost-effective. If you are looking for a basic car or RV cover and don’t have snow in your region, this option is perfect.


Boxed-Eave Roof Style

Boxed eave roof carports give you the A-Frame look but the panels run horizontal, or front to back. If you have heavy rain or snow, we recommend the vertical A-Frame roof style.


Vertical Style Roof Style

The vertical style roof is designed to displace water, snow, and debris. Purchasing a vertical roof will give you the strongest, most durable, and more bang for your buck than other roof styles. The ridge cap will help prevent leaks and is recommended for workshops and garages.

Choose Your Panel Type: Horizontal or Vertical


Vertical Panels

Looking for a custom carport? Or maybe you are just looking for steel panels to update your property and give it a beautiful new look. Vertical steel panels are the way to go. With our wide selection of horizontal steel panels, you will be able to make a custom carport of your own. These steel panels are a great way to make your carport stand out from the rest!


Horizontal Panels

Traditional carports have been long-time popular for car owners, but now you can customize your own carport with horizontal steel panels. Carports are now a versatile outdoor structure that can be used as outdoor gathering space, a covered area for cars or motorcycles, as a children’s play area, and even as a dog kennel.

Roll-Up Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, Walk-in Doors, and Windows


Garage Roll-Up Doors

Doors come in these standard sizes. If you would like a custom-sized door or would like a cutout for your own door, please contact us.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Doors come in these standard sizes. If you would like a custom-sized door or would like a cutout for your own door, please contact us.

Walk-In Doors & Windows

The Foundation Your Carport Will Be Installed On


Concrete Foundation

We recommend using an exact concrete base for most steel buildings that are enclosed to prevent leaking. Concrete anchors fasten the frame to the foundation and are included in the final pricing. *Before installing the concrete pad, please contact us so we can send you the concrete requirements for your project.


Dirt Foundation

If you are installing a steel structure onto dirt, we recommend using mobile home anchors to fasten and secure the frame to the ground. The mobile home anchors are included in the final estimate. 

Asphalt Foundation

Steel buildings and carports can be installed on asphalt using asphalt anchors. This will ensure your building is securely fastened to the foundation. 

Choose Your Color Options


Choose from 13 different colors and customize the roof color, side panels, roof trim, and body trim. Classic barn red with a white trim is a favorite amongst our customers.


J-Trim For Partially Enclosed Sheets

J-trim is the side trim piece that runs along both sides of the carport where the roof sheeting stops. J-Trim finishes partially enclosed panels and gives it a polished and professional look. J-Trim helps the partially enclosed panels “lock” In place and ensure overall stability.


All Necessary Bracing Included

No matter what type of roof style you decide on, the proper bracing will be included in the final price. This may include trusses, additional snow load support, and more. Buildings are generally designed for a 30lb. snow load with the 12G frame.


Concrete L-Brackets

If you are using an exact concrete base to install your steel carport and building on, then you will need these L-Brackets to ensure the framing is secure.

20 x 20 x 12 RV Carport

Estimated Price: $8,420
20 x 20 x 12 RV Carport

18 x 25 x 8 Classical Carport

Estimated Price: $4,687

24 x 25 x 9 Enclosed Garage

Estimated Price: $14,200

15 x 50 x 14 RV Carport

Estimated Price: $21,400
15 x 50 x 14 RV Carport

15 x 20 x 8 Enclosed Garage

Estimated Price: $9,925

30 x 40 x 8 Triple Wide Carport

Estimated Price: $15,277

28 x 25 x 8 Auto Shop

Estimated Price: $21,942

Before You Purchase A Steel Carport

Clearance Space For Workers & Permits

  • If the unit is fully enclosed please take in consideration that the manufacturer’s work crew must be able to move around the entire structure with ladders and drill tools.
  • A minimum of 3′-4′ is needed for work space. They require a minimum of 3′-4′ around the entire structure.
  • If your unit is going to be installed next to an existing home, we must also have at least 2′ of clearance above the roof line.
  • Example, if you are planning to purchase an 8′ boxed-eave unit and it is going to be installed next to an existing home/garage, the eave height of your existing structure must be 2′ taller than the eave height of your new metal unit.
  • If upon arrival you are not able to provide these clearances, a Labor Charge will be added to your bill if it was not added already when placing your order.

1. delivery and installation

Norcal Carports and it’s manufacturers offer free delivery and installation. This does not include hard to reach areas or inaccessible properties that require heavy equipment. Please communicate to use everything about your project before we agree on the price and design.


We do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate. However, after learning about your project in detail, the price can increase or decrease substantially. Please allow for changes until we all agree on your final building price and design.

3. CONCRETE Pad installations

We do not install concrete pads or recommend any contractors to perform the work. Norcal Carports does provide concrete installation instructions so you can have the perfect pad for your building. We will work with you to ensure it.

4. Steel Carport Repairs

Norcal Carports does not offer repairs to existing steel carports or other steel structures. If you purchased a steel building from us and it is covered under the manufacturers warranty, please contact us with your information and we will forward it to the correct contact at the manufacturer you purchased from.

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