Buying A Steel Or Aluminum Car Cover For Your Vehicle

The summer season is upon us and that means the sun will be shining in all its glory. But UV light breaks down the paint molecules and over time, the color fades and becomes dull. And with the California and Nevada sun beaming down, finding a cover solution becomes a long-term investment.

The bright side of this story is there is a cost-effective option designed to last many years. Steel carports with 12 or 14-gauge frames and 29g steel roofs provide the strongest form of shade and protection from the elements. You may not always need an enclosed garage for your car or may have converted your old garage into a bonus room. A sleek-looking carport cover with 13 different color options will make your neighbors jealous and your car framed in a nice setting.

It’s important to understand the structural components of metal buildings to assist in obtaining a building permit and designing the perfect building for your property.

Roof Panels

The panels of a carport are 29 gauge galvanized steel. The standard sizes generally go in 5′ increments and the average length is 25′. However, you can customize your building to 80′ lengths.

The width of a roof generally is 12′-20′. Once you get to a 30′ width and wider, the building is considered a warehouse and requires a different design and engineering plan.

You can upgrade the roof panels to 26 gauge at an additional cost.

Side & End Panels

Horizontal panels are a budget-friendly option. The lines run horizontally to the ground.

Vertical panels are the strongest but more expensive option than horizontal panels. The lines run up and down to the ground.

You can upgrade the side and end panels to 26 gauge at an additional cost.

Base Rails

The base rails are the square tubing that the legs are attached to. If the height of your structure is taller than 12′, it may require double posts to ensure a certified structure.

The base rails and poles come in 12 and 14 gauge steel width options.


Hat Channels are used in the vertical roof designs and support a strong and durable structure.

Bows run across the build and create the structure of the roof.

The ridge cap is on the top of the roof and transitions one side to the other. this helps prevent leaks in heavy rain regions.


Walk-in doors come in 2 sizes: 36′ x 80′ standard door and a 36′  x 84″ heavy duty door

Windows comes in 2 sizes: 30″ x 30″ and 36″  x 36″

Color screws are available to match the paint on your carport build


  • Concrete
  • Dirt and Gravel
  • Asphalt


In order to secure your carport to the ground, you will need to decide the foundation we will be installing the carport on. Concrete is the best option as it provides a stable base for the anchors to secure the base frame.

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