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Shop Online For Metal RV Carports Near You

There’s nothing better than hitting the road in your RV, on the way to a beautiful campground to enjoy the scenery. California and Oregon are two of the best states in the USA to enjoy those moments. So it only makes sense to get the protection it deserves so you can enology yourself vacations for years to come.

Owning a metal RV carport is central to providing your recreational vehicle the shelter it needs from falling tree branches, hail, rain, UV sun damage, debris from wind, and more. It gives your RV a “home” under a beautiful steel structure your neighbors will even love! 

Custom RV carports and their dimensions can get as large as 24′ x 40′ and 12″ H. You can increase the sizes all-around for a truly custom metal building! Choose from 13 different colors to customize the roof, panel walls, and trim. Add a lean-to for your additional car or utility storage. A metal RV cover comes in either 14′ gauge steel or 12′ gauge steel. Customers can have fully-enclosed walls, partially-enclosed walls, 3rd or 6′ panels, or completely open. 

Metal RV carports prices usually cost between $1,200 and $10,000. Custom structures can increase in price depending on the final dimensions and features. The delivery and installation are included in the cost so you won’t get unexpected price increases.  

Metal Carports and covers are the strongest solutions you can get to protect your vehicle from damage. It’s the perfect solution for customers who want to maintain their RV’s and other large vehicles from the weather and elements. 

If you are currently shopping for a Metal RV Carport, steel RV cover, or metal RV garage, please fill out our form here. 

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What Can I Use A Metal Building Or Garage For?

When you are looking online for some type of custom metal building or structure, you probably have an idea of the details you are going to use it for.  You might have a few different sizes in mind such as the number of doors, windows, etc.  We like to create mockups and garage designs that can provide ideas and inspiration to customers who want to add an additional building to their property or business without the need for traditional wood buildings or houses.  Not just for the traditional carport, steel structures can be used for a variety of applications and conditions.  Delivery and installation at no extra additional cost.

Check out these 3 metal building options and their features:  


With the large garage doors open, you can have an open-air feel and space to move around for social distancing guidelines.  The windows offer plenty of light and walk-in doors provide accessibility for a small office corner or room.  Insulate the walls for your weather conditions.  

  • Plenty of space for storing heavy lifting equipment
  • Practice safe social distancing guidelines.  
  • Windows and doors for accessibility and natural light
  • A-frame roof style
  • Vehicle storage
  • Enclosed garage with steel frame
  • Easy access
  • Request larger dimensions to suit your business size 

Triple-Wide Garage For Gym Owners 26’W x 40’L x 9’H Pricing Starts at $15,585.50

Art Studio

Creating a quiet environment to be creative is a struggle in the modern world as more people are staying home.  If you need a place to release your inner artist and have peace of mind, a small metal building might be the answer for you.  This version includes a lean to for added shade and patio space. 

  • Easier cleanup and upkeep
  • Privacy
  • Quiet space
  • Large door for installing equipment
  • Customize the interior to your own aesthetics
  • Reduce the clutter in your home

Standard Metal Art Shop with Lean to 20’W x 21’L x 10’H Pricing Starts at $9,567.50


If you need an enclosed mechanic space to work on your cars while keeping your vehicles secure, this medium-sized metal garage would work best for you.  A strong metal structure is a smart option for auto professionals with plans for a prefabricated building.  

  • Large garage doors
  • Office side entry
  • Windows for natural lighting
  • Adjust the leg height specifications for additional space
  • Store tools and supplies
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV’s, watercraft, farm equipment, and more!

Triple Wide Auto-Body Garage Work Shop 26’W x 50’L x 12’H Pricing starts at $21,130

When you purchase prefab metal buildings from us, there a few things and benefits to note. 

  • Depending on your local building code, you may need a permit from your local city, state, or county.
  • Your installation surface needs to be level
  • Installation time can be up to 12 weeks depending on the circumstances, conditions, and challenges of the delivery location
  • Choose from a vertical, standard/regular style, or boxed eave roof style.  
  • Insulated prefabricated steel buildings are energy efficient and can lower costs
  • Can be used for commercial buildings
  • Vertical roofs are the most year-round secure and strong roofing type available against snow and heavy winds
  • Secure your belongings and outdoor equipment with additional storage space
  • Cheaper construction cost than traditional homes 

Do you have questions about choosing your next steel building?  We would love to speak with you about your next project.  Contact us here.  

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Elk Grove Metal Buildings Sheds Garages Warehouse Website Launched

Elk Grove-based local company, has launched their steel carports, steel structures, and metal buildings website to consumers in California and Oregon.

Elk Grove-based local company, has launched their carports and metal buildings website to consumers in California and Oregon. The website is for people who need or require a metal structure to protect or store recreational vehicles and other assets. This includes steel carports, barns, sheds, warehouses, wide-span buildings, workshops, RV’s, and more.

Recreational vehicle owners can benefit from added protection with a carport strong enough to protect from debris and hail. According to, “Costs to repair hail damage are usually priced out on a per-dent basis. In most cases, you can expect to pay $30-$40 per impact for small or minute dents. Larger dents can be a bigger challenge for hail specialists and can boost that price anywhere from $50-$100+ per dent.: (

Please visit to learn more about their products and services.

Property owners who need a metal structure to their property to protect their vehicle’s assets. Storage, workshops, or man-caves are a few of the metal buildings customers have requested. Steel carport owners can decide between a wide selection of colors to further customize and personalize their buildings.

According to spokesperson Michael R., “We designed a website to allow users to easily fill out a quote request form to receive the best possible prices for metal structures. We only work with manufacturers who offer premium metal buildings and carports.”

The website allows visitors to fill out a form to receive a custom quote. Users who need metal structures can provide their contact info and building dimension requirements. NorCal Carports and their partner manufacturers will contact you to provide your quote and the important information needed to purchase metal carports, steel garages, and other utility custom buildings.

The company is based in Sacramento county and services all of California and Oregon. To find out if you need a permit or license, please contact your local county permit office. In order to get more information about carports and other metal buildings, please visit

For more information, contact:

Michael Ruiz

Elk Grove, CA 95624

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Terms To Know When Buying A Carport

When searching for carports you might come across terms that you may or may not recognize. This article is to give you a brief explanation of those terms.


Boxed eve trim is used as a finishing touch on Box Eve Style structures. The trim provides a boxy look on the sides of the structure.


The square tubing on which the legs of the carport sits on. Available in 12gauge or 14gauge


Anchors used in installations on concrete. Giving the warranty to 90-100 mile wind rate.


Corner braces help reinforce the structure of the building or carport 4-two foot long corner braces come standard on all structures, and more are available at an additional cost.


Double trusses are used in our triple wide structures, which begin at 26 feet to 30 feet wide, and are designed to provide additional support.


A Horizontal Panel that covers from the peak of the building to the eve of the building. Gable Ends can be installed Vertically at an additional cost.


The garage doors roll up into a cylinder above the opening rather than pulled back along a track.


Headers are placed at the top of the door frame when an opening or garage door on the side is requested. They eliminate as many posts as needed. NOTE: They also take away the 1-foot height of clearance.


J-Trim is used as decorative trim around walk-in doors, windows, and vents.


L-Trim is used as decoration on the ends of Classical Style structures to provide a finished look. L-Trim is also used around the edges of garage doors and portions of the Boxed Eve Style structures.


Legs are the lengths of square tubing that elevate the top portion of the structure.


Optional window is 30” x 30”.WALK-IN DOORSOptional walk in door size is 36” x 72”. Can also have 36″ x 80″ upon request.


30″ long Mobile home anchors are used strictly for ground installations. Giving the warranty to 90-100 mile wind rate.


Paneling is 29-gauge steel and comes in standard lengths of 21’, 26’, and 31’ and in thirteen different colors (available at no additional cost).


14-gauge square tubing comes standard but customers can upgrade and make the structure stronger by using 12-gauge square tubing. 12 gauge also comes with a 20-year rustproof warranty on the framing of the structure.


Rebar anchors are approximately 3 foot long pieces of rebar with a 5/8” nut welded on one end. Rebar anchors are used as a temporary anchors.


Ridge caps are used on Vertical Style structure roofs only to cover the gap at the peak of the roof, where the separate roofing panels meet.


A truss is a single piece of square tubing bent to make the roof of a structure.

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