Do you need a permit for an steel RV carport?

Most cities and counties in California require a homeowner or business owner to apply for permits when they install any type of structure on their property.

Due to the varying requirements of each of these local parts of government, it’s difficult to provide the specifications each requires you to build and plan by. Our manufacturer provides generic plans that can be accepted by the local building code authorities.

If your building needs electricity, water, or other services, you’ll need to include these in you plans. Advanced engineering plans can be provided at an additional cost.

Norcal Carports only works with manufacturers who engineer certify their buildings. Depending on your snow loads, rain, or other weather conditions that may affect your permit process, steel reinforcements may be required.

For example, if you want a carport that’s over 12′ height, you will need a double post system to properly reinforce the structure. This increases the cost of your building but provides you with a secure and durable building/carport.

Norcal Carports does not, nor do our manufacturers, offer permit services. Due to the large variance in applying for the permit itself and its requirements, we are not able to provide you with services other than general information such as this article.

We do have tips for planning your building and the best locations for it. We can help you address where you may have issues and plan accordingly.

  • Generally, structures needs to be 4-5 feet way from the nearest fence or property line.
  • Buildings that will be used as a business will generally need a permit.
  • Our manufacturers will install the building without a permit but are not responsible if the county/city/state requires you to take it down, you’re fined, or required to obtain a permit after the fact.
  • If it is a residential property, make sure you are not hanging over the fence, blocking important views, blocking entryways, or too close to the surrounding fence line.
  • Factor in the height of your building and how it will look on your property. If required, try to use similar colors of your house or property to match the aesthetic.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues planning for your new steel carport, please contact us so we can provide you with assistance.

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