How To Buy A Carport

Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Carport


Width: How wide do you need the entryway? Are you parking a car, truck RV, or heavy equipment? Make sure you have enough room to get out safely without damaging your vehicle.

Carports up to 24′ wide are considered standard carports. 25′ to 30′ wide carports are considered triple wide carports. 30′ and wider buildings are considered wide-span buildings and are priced at a higher tier due to the engineering requirements and structure support.

Length: How far back do you need the structure to go? Do you need room around the vehicle to clean or perform inspections?

The longest a building can generally go is 80′ in length. If you need a longer building, contact us to get special custom pricing.Height: 12′ height is the tallest “standard” size. 13′ height and above may require additional equipment and labor charges. Your leg height must be equal to or less than the length of your structure.
Helpful tip: Stay within 5 ft increments. 32′ in length is charged for 35′ in length. To save money you can go to 30′ or if you want more bang for your buck, consider 35′ in length.

Roof Type

Classical Style: The classical style roof is standard and no additional charges are added.

Boxed-Eave A-Frame: This style of roof has the a-frame house appearance with the sides extending over the frame for 6″ on each side. The boxed-eave style has horizontal lines that run front to back and displace water and snow to the main entryways of the structure.

Vertical Style A-Frame Roof: The vertical style a-frame roof has a house like residential appearance extending over the frame for 6″ on each side. The main difference between this and the boxed-eave style roof are the vertical running lines that displace water and snow to the SIDES of the carport or structure giving you clear main entryway.

Gauge Type

12 Gauge: 12 gauge frames are the strongest and are measured at 2 1/4″ in diameter with a thickness of 2.657 MM. The 12 gauge frame has a 20 year rust-through warranty on the frame itself.

14 Gauge: 14 gauge frames are the budget-friendly options if you don’t need a snow load or have heavy rains or winds in your region. The 14 gauge frame has a 2 1/2″ diameter and a thickness of 1.8 MM.

Sides & Ends

Open-Air: Your carport can be completely wide open and only have a roof. This offer minimal shading but prevents rain and debris from falling directly above your vehicle.

Partially Enclosed:You can choose to have the sides completely covered or partially covered. If your building is 10′ in height, you can have a 3′ panel installed on the side for additional shading.

Gables: If you want the ends to have a finished look, we can install a gable that covers the top portion of the end to fill in the gap from the peak of the roof to the tallest height of the structure.

You can enclose the entirety of the carport and install walk-in doors or rill-up doors


Roll-Up Doors: If the ends of your building are enclosed, you can install roll-up garage doors. They are manufactured in various sizes and can be customized to fit your requirements.

Walk-in Doors: Walk-in doors are 30″ x 80″ standard-sized doors for an entryway into the building. You can upgrade to a heavy-duty door for an additional cost.


Windows come in two sizes. 30″ x 30″ are the standard single pane windows. 36″ x 36″ double pane windows are an upgrade option.

Anchors & Foundation type

Anchors will secure your carport to the foundation. The best foundation to use is an exact concrete base with l-brackets to prevent water splashing from underneath.

Our manufacturer offers concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, and asphalt anchors.


Insulation can be installed in buildings that are fully-enclosed and have vertical style walls and roof. The insulation is an R-45 foam that can be purchased at an additional cost.

Delivery and installation

Norcal Carports estimates include delivery, installation, and local taxes. Our estimates and prices are the lowest in the carport industry for each state we service.

An installation team will arrive on the scheduled date and install the carport or building within an average of 4-6 hours. If your build is much larger, please allow more time for the proper installation.

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How To Buy A Carport

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